Tuesday, 22 January 2013

This should really be on my sidebar…

…but the Blogger app isn’t advanced enough (yeah, Blogger, I’m talking ’bout you) to let you edit your theme.

Or: Various writerly links I’m putting together for a friend. X, this is all your fault. (Wait, no. Look, if you look at my posts mentioning you, or ones tagged ‘personal’, I will… die metaphorically. Yup. Don’t go there.)

As well as my other links post (which I recommend you look at first), I give you:

How Chuck Wendig Writes A Novel

How To Structure A Killer Novel Ending

For lack of a better title, Chuck Wendig On Themish Shit And Stuff

How To Craft Compelling Characters (or, Why People Should Give A Fuck About Your Imaginary Friends)

How To Start A Novel Right (note: this post is like if the literary gods joined and had a love child called How To Write An Opening*. No shit.)

Tension (the literary gods’ve been at it again)

Love always,

* I’ve been reading too much Chuck Wendig.**
** That isn’t possible. Fuck you, logic.

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