Thursday, 31 January 2013

I Have No Idea What To Say

…so I thought I’d enlighten you on my life.

1. Boys are confusing.

2. I’m friends with a group of crazy, permanently single geeks. So for Valentine’s Day, we’re buying each other chocolates.

3. My friend circle’s Love Dodecahedron (containing P, G and E) is becoming more awkward for P by the day. She asked out G the other day, and got rejected. I’m guessing she likes J as well as E now, but to be honest, she likes a different boy every week, so I’m not all that bothered.

4. It’s easier to be a boy. You walk up to another boy, go “Alright, mate?” and you’re instant friends. If a girl sees a girl she’d otherwise be friends with, and that second girl’s with a reasonably fit boy, I can guarantee that first girl’s thinking “Look at that bitch with the fit guy, thinking she’s so special.” If the second girl (okay, fine. First girl’s called Amy, second one’s Lola) has nice hair, Amy will think “Look at that bitch with the hair (it’s never ‘the nice hair’ or ‘the blonde hair’ or ‘the straight hair’, it’s always ‘the hair’). Bet she spent hours straightening it. Slut.” If Lola has nice clothes, Amy will think “Look at that bitch with the clothes. Bet they’re all from Primark, the cheapskate.” You get the idea. (No, I’m not Amy. Or Lola, for that matter.)

5. Boys that show their feelings are so much cuter than boys that pretend they’re tough as nails. (My brain is too fried to be un-clichéd.)

6. Chuck Wendig is funny. Check out his blog.

7. Boys are confusing.

Love always,


  1. 1. Yes

    2.I want that too :( ok, last year me and two other female friends followed a japanese tradition and made chocolate (there really is no english word for praliné? I'm shocked). We then ate it ourselves because we are lonley people :D

    3.No comment

    4. Yeah, but asking out a girl is freaking terrifing I guess (I won't say that I pictured myself waking up and being a guy called Michael just yesterday night, sush, don't say that)
    And glad I'm out of that age, because I'm a big girl, I get friends like boys do.

    5. They are, but sometimes it's nice how you need to get to know the guy in order to see that side of him

    6. No comment again.

    7. Preach it ! xD

  2. 1. Exactly.

    2. I don’t like praline :(. And I’m not complaining. We get chocolate. xP

    4. You what? xD

    5. Yeah, but I don’t like it when they’re just jerks for no reason. Which describes most of the popular boys in my year. :/

    7. Thanks, I will. :)